Argenta 96/384

Argenta and Touch Screen

ARGENTA 96/384, is a fully automated, affordable and easy-to-use liquid handler.

Save time and remove human error with consistent and reproducible pipetting and sample preparation!

Excellent precision, speed and performance in an ultra compact footprint.

From simple plate fillings to complex protocols, ARGENTA is a budget-friendly solution for your lab!

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ProPipette and Touch screen 640x480


Our advanced robotic station, ProPipette, includes all the features as the Argenta model with a larger workspace to accommodate more microplates and accessories. The ProPipette also offers a wide range of options including, gripper for plate/vial manipulation, weigh stations, 2D/linear barcode readers and more.

The ProPipette also has the ability to interface with other lab critical instruments allowing you to streamline your entire set of experiment protocols. In addition to instrument integration, the ProPipette can be purchased with a custom deck containing more or fewer stations.

Simplicity, flexibility and reliability make the ProPipette the perfect instrument for your lab!

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